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Hidemi Takagi: Stories
February 10 - February 16, 2020

Hidemi Takagi moved to New York in 1997 and has been working with immigrant and underserved minority communities ever since. Her work focuses on public-engagement and installation. As an immigrant herself, she is interested in the mixing of diverse histories with local culture. Growing up in Japan, she adored American pop culture of the 50s and 60s. Her projects reflect this influence. The works have a vibrancy and hyper-saturation of color that developed from her childhood dreams of America.

Stories presents Takagi’s three most recent neighborhood series developed over the past five years. Hello, it’s me results from months of conversations and preserves the memories of the residents of the Saint Teresa of Avila Senior Apartments in Crown Heights. The Barbershops documents the predominantly male public culture and the distinctive Brooklyn aesthetic, noting also the threat of gentrification. Finally, The Bed-Stuy Social ‘Photo’ Club series includes portraits of people living in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights, historically home to African American and Caribbean cultures. Takagi created a traditionally set up pop-up photography studio in her front yard. She offered free portraits to the residents, inviting them to be in the spotlight.


Audio: Thereneia, Mary, 


Curated by: Klaudia Ofwona Draber and Nadine Braquetti

Organized at FiveMyles, 558 St John Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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