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Video Sheetal Prajapati - Future of Artist Residencies

Video Daniel Sharp - Kickstarter for Artists 101

Video Kenseth Armstead - Public Art Proposals

Video Dread Scott - Community Engagement


Video Sheetal Prajapati - In Action Together: Public Art in Process

Video Mark Chambers - Design and Creative Thinking for Climate Solutions

Video Tatiana Arocha - Building Portfolio and Presenting Your Art

Video Robin Cembalest - Social Media for Social Practice


Video Zachary Fabri - Determining Value and Artist Residencies

Video Krista Scenna - Creating Connections and Collectors

Video Antonia Perez - Career Documentation

Video Lydia Goldbeck - Art Shipping and Handling—Demystified and DIY


Cynthia Tobar - Building meaningful community partnerships
Eva Mayhabal Davis - Artist and Curator Relationships and Process
Hayley Ferber - Demystifying the Application Review Process
Renée Cox - The Art of Not Losing Your Mind While Being an Artist

What do Artists Need?
Sheetal Prajapati on the Future of Artist Residencies

25 artists participated in the inaugural KODA Professional Development for Artists symposium in 2020. The event started with an interactive session facilitated by the host, Sheetal Prajapati, Lohar Projects, asking the question ‘What do artists need?’. In depth discussion centered around three main areas crucial to artists’ work - Community, Practice and Resources. Read the full report here.

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