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Home Studio with Mildred Beltre

How have you been?


This period has been really rough for me.  I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety, lots of grief and a little bit of joy. Sheltering in place with family has been stressful and made it hard to focus. Like many I also had to switch my work life to Zoom, I still have not mastered the perfectly curated zoom nook and constantly have family passing through the screen, and the stuff thrown all over the couch is showing and I guess that’s just what up. Why pretend
that everything is all fine when the world is on fire?

What are you working on?


At first I was mostly doing sewing projects with my mom.  Making masks for myself, family friends and neighbors.  It took me a lot of time to feel like getting into the studio.   I just didn't have the emotional energy for it.When we all started sheltering I had picked up a text based cross stitch piece that I started about a year ago but had stalled out as other more urgent projects cropped up. In this time I have been able to make a lot of progress on it and it also provided the possibility of quiet/introspective time during the chaos. It helped me focus, helped me think.  Around May however, I started getting outside requests for things, and I felt like getting back in the studio. Currently in a couple of online shows and a show at the Zuckerman Museum in GA that opens in August. Projects are picking up…

Instagram: @millie_b_


Click here for an interview of Mildred Beltre and Oasa DuVerney about their longstanding project, the Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine.


All images courtesy of Mildred Beltre.

Interview conducted by Klaudia Ofwona Draber.

image 2.jpeg

Mildred Beltre, in progress cross stitch piece 10”x11, 2020

image 1.jpeg

Mildred Beltre, handmade masks for my sisters, 2020.

image 3.jpeg

Mildred Beltre, in progress drawing incorporating marker, woodcut, color pencil and string, 2020.

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